I am going to give the bracelets on my wrist away.  Well, there’s one bracelet with a bead representing my kids. It will always be on me because it kept me sober, prevented any suicide or stopped any suicidal thoughts in my twisted brain. The day-to-day effect is that it reminds me to pray. Here’s the gist: I don’t want money for the stuff I carve.  In fact when I was getting some cash for them I went out to eat with my brother and whatever money was left I gave to a different kind of Brother.  He ran a Catholic Worker House.  Yes I’m Catholic and if you haven’t guessed, and since it reminds me to pray, I’ve attached corresponding prayers to each one. The bead for my kids only forces me to pray for them first.  (More about that one to follow.)  In my confused brain, my bracelet is actually my own “personal rosary”.

Oh for the bracelets, jewelry, rosary, or whatever you want to call it, I want you to say three to five prayers at any point in your life plus postage and handling.  If you feel the need to send some money, I would say somewhere between $3 to $5.  When I lived in Kansas City, I sold them at that price when there was a market for them in the area.  Before I moved home to live with my parents, no one was buying them there anymore.

Now the prayers could come straight out of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Confucianism, or Paganism. I don’t actually care because I cannot believe that any higher power that humans pray to would be evil. Well, I guess Satanism would be evil, but why the hell (lol) would they pray for me.  My request is perfectly simple pray just once in your  life for world peace.  I also only have a part-time job. If you’re wondering why I don’t try selling them on the internet, the answer is simple.  I tried and failed.

I am just learning my way around WordPress so more details to follow.