Peace isn’t as much fun as protesting

Just imagine all these nasty folks actually buying the Robert E. Lee monument. Charlottesville used democratic means to take down the monument, and the racist people could have used capitalist means to saved it and no one would have cared. #Charlottesville, #Peace, #Protesting, #Democracy, #Capitialism

True Love

Two sisters Baby Jane (the older) & Angel asked me to make this stand-up plaque to their specifications.  Seemed to me, they already had enough of it that they didn’t need the word carved in wood. 

#love, #sisters, #sisters’ love, #wood carving, #heart

Protesting Comedy Memorials

The newscaster grinned, and chuckled slightly as she stared straight into the teleprompter, and therefore the video cameras.

“Lastly in Jennings, Missouri, which is located much like Ferguson, Mo., outside of St. Louis, a local comedy night club, Joker J’s, announced plans to build a memorial monument to the late comedian and civil rights worker, Dick Gregory.  Mr. Gregory was born in St. Louis.  This drew instant criticism from older customers to the club.  They advocated for John Elroy Sanford, who is better known by his stage name, Red Fox.  They felt he would be a better candidate for a memorial due to his numerous awards, more television and film appearances, participation in civil rights causes, was from St. Louis, and as one 91-year-old protestor stated, “He’s whole lot more groovalicious than Dickey.”  

Although there was no violence surrounding the protests, the Jennings police chief, mayor, and city council still unanimously signed a public statement stating, “It’s J’s damn club he can put whatever he wants in front of it”.

   Meanwhile, across town in Ladue, Mo., The Road Chicken Comedy Club announced plans to build a monument  to former St. Louis resident, actor-comedian John Goodman. This too was instantly protested but this time only from Mr. Goodman, who said, “I’m alive still, I think.

Regardless, good night America. Hope you have a good evening and look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.”

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