In Today’s World Who Would Oppose Jesus?

Pharasies and Sadducees were two religious parties in Jesus’ time. In 25 words or a little more, Pharasies strictly believed in the oral tradition of the Jewish law of the time, while Sadducees believed in the written one. These two groups constantly questioned Jesus and challenged his beliefs.   I know what my answer is for this, I just want to see what anyone else would say.

Bad things can happen for good reasons.

My hobby is carving up scrap wood and attempting to make a piece of art.  Yesterday, I was using a knife, and tried to carve a flower out of a stick.  Instead, I carved my finger and spilled a lot of blood.  Yesterday was Sunday, which is the designated day I get to text my son.  My children are estranged from me because of my mental health issues.  Today, I sent the text and debated over even mentioning my blood soaked finger.  In the process, I forgot to wish him a happy 15th birthday.  I am so grateful I sliced my finger, and I thank God I forgot his birthday. He actually sent me a text!I’m so happy to say that he cares enough to be annoyed with me. The text he sent was to tell me off, but hey he communicated!