Suicidely Bipolar

NO GOOD REASON FOR SUICIDE. FInd someone who will listen and be supportive. I know that may be hard for some.

Bipolarness affects morals as easily as emotions. I’ve gone to every extreme in every form of sin. I’ve been lustful toward all forms of females. I’ve gotten angry with anyone, who disagrees with me. I’ve gotten to lazy to attend Sunday church, and greedy enough to steal from employers. I maintained a drunk for months long, while constantly putting myself down because I didn’t do as well as my brothers. I saw the world, as if I was the only one who mattered.

Remember: National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

I imagined an air tight way to do it. Thankfully, I found a person to listen to me. This person was God and talked in a prayer, which was answered in a second.

I could list my angelic virtues. However due to my depression, I only focused on my negatives. When depressed over your failings, remember not anyone is all bad. You have some positive traits also.

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