Winning Political Arguments

I was stocking some jugs of extra salty peanuts at Mel’s when a young couple strolled by with all kinds of cheeses, veggie sticks, sausages, chips, and dips, while speaking some foreign tongue. They had a couple of bottles of wine. Since they were caucasian, I figured they were probably French. If they had beer, I would of guessed German of course. Then I realized that determining one’s national heritage by the liquor they consume was probably pretty stupid, considering my last name is O’Donnell with no trace of a Russian in my genealogy, and in the days when I drank, it was only vodka.

Anyway, those two chatted up a storm, laughing and pointing at some tubes of rodent flavored potato chips. Then an older white woman came up from behind and grumbly said to me “If they come to this country, they should at least speak our language.”

I turned to her and wanted to say, “Oh hell if they’re gonna spend money in this store, they can speak pig latin for all I care. Besides they probably do, they just want to keep whatever they’re saying to themselves.”

Then my brain felt a rush and had this feeling that arguing with customers is not a good idea. The rush may have been God sending me a single. My common sense only arrives uncommonly, but I only said, “Yes ma’am.” I turned back to my peanuts.

Now my boss at this grocery store was not one for distributing much wisdom, but when I told him about this discussion anyway. He said, “Yeah, you can never win a political argument.”

He may have been referring to customers, but I doubt you can really win any argument with someone who’s mind is already made up and unable to look at all the options. Although I’m not known for my wisdom either.